About Us



To see dedicated and fulfilled disciples of Christ throughout Greenland.


1985 – 1996

Short-term outreaches, Kings Kids, Discipleship Training Schools

1996 – 1999

Greenlandic Jesus Film Translation Project and outreach

2001 – 2012

40 one-week ‘Pain of the Heart’ workshops in 16 towns with partner ministry NYP

3 nine-week ‘Heart Connections Counseling Modules’

2007 - 2012

Adventure Greenland Youth Wilderness Program with Alfred Laskowski


YWAM Greenland is coordinated and overseen by Errol Martens.

After a life-changing encounter with Jesus in 1970, Errol joined his first YWAM outreach to Munich Germany in 1972 during the Olympic Games, and from there continued on with a team to East Africa for 6 ½ months. These early experiences in missions fired him up for God and ministry, and after Africa went on to Bible School and then the pastorate. In 1981 - 1982 he and his wife, Joyce, were part of FEET, the Far East Evangelism Team. It was there in Hong Kong, the location of FEET, that Errol & Joyce took their Discipleship Training School. After Asia, Joyce and Errol joined YWAM Edmonton and it was there in the YWAM office on the morning of November 26, 1982 that ‘Greenland’ came to Errol in a time of prayer; little did he know Greenland would become his main mission focus. Errol & Joyce lived in Greenland from 1987 – 1996 with their 4 children. Since 1996 Errol has been traveling back and forth from Kelowna, BC, Canada, to Greenland regularly.